Why This Work is Important to Us

Why This Work is Important to Us

With the onset of Covid, Aging in Place, an educational and resource-based program, went by the wayside. But here at the Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce, we saw a huge need to bring it back.

We felt strongly about serving our community’s senior population, healthcare senior professionals, and caregivers. So, we re-vamped this much-needed community resource and brought it back in 2021.

Much to our delight, AIP received strong support from the senior healthcare community, and continues to grow.

From the AIP monthly meetings, (Link to archives) we learned of a further need for a centralized senior healthcare resource. Information was often scattered around the web and hard to find. 

That’s when the idea for this website was born. It is our hope that you will fully utilize this comprehensive resource to serve our senior population to the fullest. 

As a further commitment to senior care in our community, the Chamber has recently partnered with Blue Ridge Community College to create a healthcare job starter program. Our joint mission is to get more licensed nurses and CNAs in the field and working in our community. 

Thanks to Augusta Health and the community, we are growing stronger to more effectively serve our aging population.

Aging in Place is not JUST a meeting, it's a MISSION!